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In a world, where we are all looking to drive efficiencies and maximise the return on investment, utilising a model of shared resource makes perfect sense and one which continues to offer several benefits.

IT Support Services

No matter what your core business is, there is no denying that technology plays an important role in day-to-day operations. As we grow more dependent on IT, it is becoming increasingly important that your network and system are always online and operating efficiently.

In the world of IT, problems happen. Computers crash, passwords are lost, email can stop working and the list goes on. Without proper technical support, these problems can bring your business to an abrupt and potentially damaging halt.

That is where our IT support solutions can help. With proactive remote monitoring and management, we are able to keep tabs on your IT infrastructure 24/7, 365 days a year and when a problem does arise, our technical experts can provide quick support to resolve it; in many cases before you are even aware that there was a problem at all.

You will have peace of mind with Technology Support 24/7’s Help Desk, knowing that our certified technicians can quickly and efficiently resolve your most complex technical problems.

• Desktop performance and user administration

• Virus and Malware infections

• E-mail applications and Web browsers

• Line of business applications

• Thin clients and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

• Hardware including tablets and smartphones.

• Printer installation and support

• Microsoft Windows support

• Microsoft 365 administration and support

• Collaboration with third-party vendors

• And more… Here

With our remote access tools, our qualified engineers can provide remote IT support from anywhere even to those remote workers that aren’t in the office.

Our Remote Monitoring & Management tools (RMM) allow us to perform a number of behind-the-scenes functions.

Real-Time Alerts: RAM usage, hard drive, CPU load, AV, customised event viewer alerts plus much more.

Automation: Pre-configured administrative and maintenance tasks that can be applied to servers and workstations.

Patch Management: Identify and automate software update patches, ensuring your devices are always up to date.

Custom Scripting: Script, execute and track custom maintenance tasks. Further, automate your IT management.

We have a number of ways to contact us and while we do utilise a ticketing system, we do not hide behind it. It’s entirely up to you how you contact us be it by e-mail, through the ticketing system or over the phone. We will always endeavour to resolve an issue on first contact.

We offer various IT support packages tailored to suit your business so whether you’re a sole trader or have 50 staff we can provide a bespoke package to suit your IT support needs.

The atera RMM platform dashboard

On-Site Support

While most issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently remotely there are certain issues that require on-site support.

• Installation of new hardware

• Hardware upgrades

• Networking issues

• Internet connectivity issues

• Operating system upgrades.

• Audit of equipment and hardware

From our office in Hebden Bridge, we are perfectly situated to provide onsite IT support to Businesses across Greater Manchester, Stockport, and Yorkshire. We are proud to currently provide our on-site IT support solutions and services to customers in Manchester, Cheshire, Stockport, Leeds, Bradford, Halifax and more.

We are also able to offer technical attendance days that provide dedicated access to an on-site engineer for the day. These are a great way to get some of those small issues resolved that you’ve been putting off because you are too busy.

Server Support

We can support your server regardless of whether it is on-premises or hosted in the cloud. With a wealth of experience with Windows & Linux servers, we can provide support regardless of the role of the server with everything from Domain Controllers, SQL servers, Web Hosting and Virtualization.

• Automated out-of-hours updating, patching and reboots to minimise downtime.

• Administration and management

• Performance issues

• Software issues

• Hardware upgrades

• Backup and recovery

We work with

Backup & Disaster Recovery (Acronis Cyber Protect)

If the power in your office fails tonight and all your computers crash, how quickly can you recover? And more importantly, at what cost?

At Technology Support 24/7 we work with our clients to identify what needs to be in place to protect the business. We look at the backing up of data and which option would suit the business in the best way. We make sure that backups have been successful and are ready to be used should the need arise.

Our Business Continuity Solutions are about more than just backup. We will work with you to implement the right solution to ensure your Servers/Devices/Networks can recover quickly from unplanned downtime, ensuring your staff are operating productively in almost no time at all.

In today’s always-on business landscape, maintaining an effective backup and disaster recovery (BDR) strategy is becoming more important than ever before. Data is playing an increasingly critical role in decision-making processes and the costs and risks associated with downtime are skyrocketing. Not to mention the damage your brand and reputation can suffer in the event of a disaster.

Our business continuity solutions include features like continuous data protection, cloud-based replication, and recovery, amongst others.

Acronis Cloud & Local Backup

For smaller businesses where there is no Server infrastructure, data is more likely to be held on local workstations/devices. However, we have solutions which can ensure that your digital assets and data are protected.

With the rapid rise of remote working and cyber-attacks, it is now critical for you to protect your digital assets and data. With our RMM Acronis integration, you get Secure File Sharing, 24/7 Access, Data Loss Protection, Data Recovery, Easy Collaboration and much more. Protect your data with Acronis’s award-winning backup solution.

With Real-time backup, you can allow your users to copy files, directories, or volumes without having to disrupt workflow and reboot a system. With non-stop Backup, you get continuous protection of your data, so your data is 100% secure, always, forever.


Cyber Security / End Protection (Acronis Cyber Protect)

Cyber Security is becoming a frequently discussed topic, both in the news and in the office environment. But what does it mean?

Cyber Security is known by a number of various names, including Virus Protection, IT Security and Computer Security and it covers all the devices we use. Cyber Security is how an organisation and individuals reduce the risk of cyber-attack.

Technology Support 24/7 will assure you and your business that your infrastructure is secure. We make sure that security patches are kept up to date and that suitable protection for your business is in place.

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